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Advocating for Golden Open Space Preservation

Advocating for Golden Open Space Preservation

Advocating for Golden Open Space PreservationAdvocating for Golden Open Space Preservation

about stewards of golden open space

The What - Our Mission Statement

Stewards of Golden Open Space is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit formed by Golden residents to provide the community vision and voice to understand, protect and preserve Golden’s precious open space resources, their assets and the values they represent with transparency and inclusivity.

The Why 

From the Golden Vision 2030 -   

"We value the natural beauty of unique geologic features, extended stretches of the foothills, and unbroken stretches of natural environments that define Golden as a place."

Residents of Golden consistently express strong support, appreciation and priorities for our open spaces, as important Golden resources. Much of this open space contains wildlife, vegetation, historical, cultural, geological, hydrological, archeological and other elements, like buffers from  urban landscapes, that are valued by the Golden community. 

Golden does not have an Open Space Commission or Master Plan to provide a formal structure and public guidance for preserving, protecting, and managing the use or future of our open space, leaving these important natural resources increasingly at risk.  The risks include increasing urbanization, development pressures, recreational desires, neglect, unauthorized uses and intrusions. 

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 We welcome the support and participation of all who support our mission. See our accomplishments!

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a sample of Golden open space locations

Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain


Magic Mountain is a Golden open space area visible from the southern end of the Kinney Run Trail, close to Apex Park. It is where ancient Indians camped.

Lubahn Trail

Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain


The Lubahn Trail Open Space is located in Golden under Castle Rock on South Table Mountain. Trail access is at the end of 18th Street. 

Kinney Run

Magic Mountain

North Hogback Open Space


The Kinney Run open space in Golden runs from Apex Park north to Tripp Ranch and continues north to 6th Ave.

North Hogback Open Space

North Hogback Open Space

North Hogback Open Space


The North Hogback Open Space includes the Early Bird site which is a National Natural Landmark and part of the Morrison-Golden fossil area.

N. Washington Ave. Area

North Hogback Open Space

N. Washington Ave. Area


The Upper Washington Avenue Open Space is a small 4-acre city-owned parcel in north Golden, tucked between the Cannonball Creek Brewery and North Ford Street.   

Bachman Park/Open Space

North Hogback Open Space

N. Washington Ave. Area


The Bachman passive park/open space land was an integral part of the Bachman family ranching operations. 

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