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Your donation will allow us to develop outreach that will educate all ages about the expansive wildlife, special vegetation, rich history and  unique geology and archeology of Golden's Open Spaces through school programs, walking tours and signage.

A nonprofit is as strong as its community support. 

Together, we can do more than we can do alone. Let's bring our abilities and passions together to Educate, Advocate, Protect and Preserve.

Stewards of Golden Open Space

Volunteer activities


We need volunteers!

 To fulfill its Mission, Stewards of Golden Open Space organizes volunteer teams to address particular needs as they are identified.  In all of our activities we rely on available best practices, and will be consistent with city volunteer policies.

If you are interested in helping us with any of the activities shown below, or have additional ideas, please contact us and let us know which of these general areas are of greatest interest to you. 

  • Work with other stakeholder organizations and agencies and natural asset and open space experts. 
  • Conduct inventories of the wildlife, plant life, geological and historical features of Golden Open Space to inform a management and preservation master plan. 
  •  Recommend trails and other means of controlled access where appropriate. 
  •  In collaboration with other stakeholder organizations and subject matter experts, design education curricula and tours for schools and for other organizations.
  • Join a trash removal, noxious weed control, beautification and restoration team .
  •  Design and install education signage where appropriate to educate and guide open space users.
  •  Research best open space management and preservation practices of other cities/counties.
  •  Help with advocacy to ensure the creation and implementation of best practices for open space management and preservation by the City of Golden. 

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Do you have experience with fundraising events? We need volunteers to help with our 2020 fundraiser. Send an email to if you are interested.

help protect golden's valuable natural resources

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